Top 10 “Midwest-ish” Hiking Trails

I have had several requests for a few more Top 10 lists! I created a Top 10 Waterfalls List a few years ago. I will say that this list only highlights trails I have actually hiked and I am trying to highlight a few lesser known trails. Caveat: all of these might not be considered the “midwest”, but all well within a weekend trip from St. Louis, Missouri!

  1. Rim Rock Trail – Illinois: For my #1 trail, I have to chose one that is near and dear to my heart. Every time I am in the Shawnee National Forest, I hike this trail. It is also the trail I recommend to a lot of people. I love the rock formations!
  2. Hemlock Cliffs – Indiana: This trail is not far from the interstate and was amazing! I loved hiking through the cliffs!
  3. Hickory Canyon Natural Area – Missouri: This is an awesome place after a good rain! Waterfalls flow and everything is green and mossy! Bonus: There are two trails here! I have actually posted about this place 3 times so be sure to check out all 3 posts!
  4. Turkey Run State Park – Indiana: If you are wanting the “wow” factor, Turkey Run has it all! This park is well-known. Absolutely amazing sites are around every corner, a creek, suspension bridge, 2 covered bridges, great lodge and good campground! 
  5. Cummins Falls State Park – Tennessee: What is more adventurous that hiking through a creek to a stunning waterfall? Absolutely loved everything about this hike! 
  6. Maquoketa Caves State Park – Iowa: Caves, caves and more caves! So much to explore at this state park!
  7. Blue Spring Trail – Missouri: Nestled deep in the Ozark Scenic National Riverways, this trail is stunning. The water is so blue!
  8. Rock Stalls Nature Sanctuary – Ohio: For some reason, this trail stands out in my mind. I think it was because of the sense of solitude and peacefulness.
  9. Ferne Clyffe State Park – Illinois: I always recommend this park! With two waterfalls, the largest shelter cave in the state and kid-friendly trails, this state park can’t be beat!
  10. Colditz Cove State Natural Area – Tennessee: Located near the Big South Fork Recreation Area, there are so many amazing trails to hike, but I especially enjoyed this one.

I hope this list inspires you to visit some place new! Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. These hikes all look awesome.

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  2. I’ve been to Rim Rock and Ferne Clyffe but want to hike all the others you mentioned!

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  3. These all look great!


  4. Thanks for this list. I live in Missouri and everyone talks about Hickory Canyon. Thanks for reminding me I need to go.

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