Hickory Canyons Natural Area – Missouri

Never have I ever hiked the same trail on back to back weekends! I feel like there is so much to see that I just have a hard time going to the same place again and again. However, Hickory Canyons Natural Area near St. Genevieve was the exception!

Two weekends ago, the temperature was supposed to be 55 degrees on Sunday (compared to Saturday when it snowed) so we had to get outside and hike! Then, last weekend, it rained for like 5 days straight. Was I supposed to clean the house…yes…but I couldn’t pass this chance up to see some waterfalls! One text to Nicole and we were on our way to Hickory Canyons for the second time in a row!

We first hiked the “waterfall trail” as I call it. A short half mile trail leads to a wet weather waterfall. Once you descend the hill, the trail curves around and underneath a neat sandstone overhang. I am convinced there is something magical about this place.

The waterfall was just a trickle on our first hike, but after all of the rain, the waterfall was roaring! What a difference some rain can make!

Once you cross the creek, there is a faint trail that leads away from the waterfall and along the bluff wall. The trail enters a box canyon where another seasonal waterfall trickles over the bluff edge. If you continue on, the trail leads high above the canyon floor. I liked looking around and back towards the waterfall for a panoramic view.

On the opposite side of Sprott Road is a one mile loop trail. We hiked this trail counterclockwise. The trail descends down and around a large rock outcropping.


The trail crosses Pickle Creek a few times. On our second time hiking here after the rain, we said “yeah we are here, we might as well hike it”. So when the creek is fairly dry, you forget how many times you actually have to cross it! The creek was pretty full and we had to cross it carefully. There were points where I had water up to my knees!


^ Dex has little legs so I think he was a bit intimidated by the water. Nicole, being a good dog mom, helped him across =) ^

Towards the back half, there is an offshoot which leads to a box canyon. I really enjoyed this area and it was my favorite part of the trail.


The trail then begins to climb the steep bluffs where you can see the same box canyon, but from above. Of course, we were all so happy to be outside. Look how happy the pups look!

From here, we headed over to Pickle Springs Natural Area! Be sure to check out my post on that area!

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  1. Such a difference in weekends!

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  2. Great post & photos!! Sounds like a super adventure!

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  3. Awww love the happy puppies! These waterfalls look gorgeous and this looks like a really fun hike.

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  4. happy pup and waterfalls – can’t ask for a better day than that!! 🙂 Love the before and after rain views of the same spot!


  5. What a difference because of the rain! Your blog could be called the adventures of Dex & El – they really seem to enjoy the hikes too! pictures are beautiful as always!!

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  6. Beautiful spot! I can see why you hiked it twice.


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