Pickle Springs Natural Area – Missouri

Longest winter ever. Check. Cabin fever. Check. It was time to get outside! Nicole and I decided to check out Hickory Canyons Natural Area and then head to Pickle Springs Natural Area. This was my third time to Pickle Springs and every time it is more interesting than before. This hike is one of the more popular hikes in the area since it is about an hour and a half from St. Louis.


So many interesting features are packed into this two mile trail. After starting out from the parking lot, the first neat rock feature is called the “The Slot”. Two rock walls parallel the trail. IMG_4179

The most notable and unique feature of Pickle Springs is up next. A set of stairs leads down to the iconic “Double Arch”. The right arch support is so narrow!


Large boulders are also scattered along the trail which reminds me a bit of Elephant Rocks State Park. The trail then crosses Pickle Creek and winds through the woods to Owl’s Den Bluff which is one of my favorite spots on this trail. I love how when you hike this trail in the winter, you can see all of the interesting sandstone rock formations of the box canyons that are sometimes obscured by the leaves during the summer months.



If you are lucky enough to hike this trail after a good rain, there are several wet weather waterfalls that spill over the bluff line. Besides the snow we received the day before, everything was fairly dry. We reached the “overlook” and took a break and took in the beauty of nature.


The pups were also super happy to be outside! We were trying to take a selfie and Dex had to join in on the fun! He’s such a good boy!

I have a new found love for pine trees. The always bring a touch of green to the bare landscape that makes my soul happy =)



Once you pass the trickle of Pickle Springs, you are almost back to the trailhead.


It felt so good to be outside and so glad I finally blogged about Pickle Springs Natural Area after hiking here twice before! If you are looking for another great hike in there area, stay tuned for my post on Hickory Canyons Natural Area!


^ A day on the trail is never a bad day. ^




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  1. As always, so well written and exceptional photography. Wish my hiking boots still fit! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures!

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  2. Beautiful pictures and great descriptions! Love the pup pics too!

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