Elephant Rocks State Park – Missouri

I will be honest with you, Elephant Rocks State Park is a park that blows my mind. The park features large, boulder like rocks that are balanced perfectly and I just can’t help but wonder how it was all made.  Elephant Rocks State Park is located in St. Francois Mountains about an hour and a half from St. Louis. The park has two hiking trails. The Braille Trail gives you access to the Elephant Rocks Natural Area where most of the “elephant rocks” are located. The trail also passes by an old quarry.

Elephant Rocks 1

Elephant Rocks 2

The other trail in the park is the Engine House Ruins trail which leads you to an old engine house which was once used to repair train engines.

Elephant Rocks 3

This is a great Missouri state park that kids and adults will both love. It is a pretty busy park, so plan accordingly.

Elephant Rocks State Park Trail Map

The trail map above was obtained from the Missouri State Parks website. Be sure to check out the website for more information.

Elephant Rocks 4

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