Blue Spring – Missouri

We took a mini vacation to the Ozark Scenic National Riverways area in Missouri and saw so many beautiful places! As we drove southwest on Highway 106, our first stop was Blue Spring on the Current River. A 3 mile unpaved road leads to the the trailhead parking lot. From here, a half mile trail gives you access to Blue Spring. This area is spectacular! The spring branch flows peacefully to the Current River and the water is so clear.



At 310 feet deep, this spring is Missouri’s deepest spring and most blue. The blue color comes from minerals that have dissolved underground. Did you know that the Statue of Liberty could be submerged in the spring and there would be 5 feet of water between her torch and the top of the spring?!



A short trail leads to the top of the bluff where you can overlook the spring from above.


Be sure to check out the other places we visited on our trip! I will update the links once I have posted.

Blue Spring

Rocky Falls & Klepzig Mill

Alley Spring & Mill

Round Spring

Echo Bluff State Park

Devil’s Well

Welch Spring 

Montauk State Park

Maramec Springs Park

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  1. Beautiful blue!!


  2. Gorgeous!


  3. Glad to see you made it over to this awesome spot! I was just out there in the late spring. Here’s what I shot ->


  4. So beautiful – loved the blue water!


  5. Your photos are so beautiful. We visited Big Spring off the Current river. Incredible country:

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  6. It’s estimated that there are more than three thousand springs in the state of Missouri, varying in size from barely a trickle, up to the largest, Big Spring,

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