Ferne Clyffe State Park – Illinois

I love starting out the New Year with a hike! This year, we decided to take a drive to one of my favorite parks within a few hours of St. Louis. We got an early start and headed to Ferne Clyffe State Park near Vienna, Illinois. I have a pretty detailed blog HERE on Ferne Clyffe so I’ll keep this post more simple. This is a great place to stop while traveling through Southern Illinois on either Interstate 24 or 57. It is just a few miles off of each interstate!


One trail that has been on my bucket list at this park is Bork’s Waterfall Trail. While this trail is considered part of the state park, it is actually isolated from the main part of the park. After turning onto Regent Lane, which is a gravel road, you drive about a mile. A creek then flows across the road and you must ford the creek to reach the trailhead! Do not attempt to cross if the water is too high!


^ View as you cross the creek ^

The trailhead is just up ahead on the left with room for about three cars. The trail is not really marked, but we hiked for a bit down what seems to be a local access road. There are rocky outcroppings on each side.


The area then meets a gas line easement. Here we turned left and just before the creek, turned left again to head back into the woods and towards the waterfall. 



This area is beautiful and once you reach the end of the ravine, Bork’s Waterfall awaits. This is one of Southern Illinois’ finest waterfalls in my opinion!



Below are some additional pictures from our hikes at Ferne Clyffe! This place is spectacular! Be sure to check it out!




We had one tired pup on the way home! =)


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  1. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog. Looks like we’ve been to many of the same places. Looking forward to following your adventures as we are in the same area.

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  2. Great pics! Looks like a fun hike 🙏

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  3. Hi! We went there yesterday and loved it. I used your previous post about the park as our guide, so I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for your posts. I have 6 kids ages 4 to 15, so knowing what to expect on the trails really helps to make the most of our time and the energy levels of our little ones. Please keep posting; I’ve used your tips at a few different locations so far. Thanks again!

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  4. STUNNING!! you always find the best places to hike! 🙂

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  5. As usual, fantastic pictures!


  6. Wow! Looks like a great hike! I’m in NE Illinois, if you ever want a recommendation up this way, give a shout 🤣

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  7. I loved this park so much! I only did a couple of the short trails due to time, but I’m going to have to go back. Love your photos!

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