Garden of the Gods – Illinois

I have been to Garden of the Gods nestled deep in the Shawnee National Forest more times than I can count, but on my bucket list was to visit this iconic spot at sunset.

We spent a few days in July roaming around Shawnee seeing places like Cave-in-Rock State Park, Ferne Clyffe State Park and Rim Rock. On our last night, we watched the sunset at Garden of the Gods.

We picked a secluded spot on the rocks and watch the sun disappear behind the Shawnee hills.


Ellie was less than impressed with the sunset and found a rock bowl to lay in..facing away from the sunset LOL.

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  1. Your camera work Kal never disappoints! Seems like we are right there with you! That pic of the sun is remarkable! Thanks

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  2. Beautiful pictures!

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  3. Beautiful hike – thanks for sharing!


  4. Agree with your uncle – Your camera work is amazing! Vey enjoyable to read and watch as always!!


  5. Glad you finally got to see the sun set!! Bet it was awesome!


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