Cave-In-Rock State Park – Illinois

Cave-In-Rock is one of Illinois’ most unique geological features. Located on the southeast tip of Illinois, between Evansville, Indiana and Paducah, Kentucky, Cave-In-Rock State Park is about 3 hours from St. Louis.

Cave In Rock (2)

The 55-foot wide cave is situated along the beautiful Ohio River. A set of stairs leads down from the parking lot to the trail along the river.

Cave In Rock (20)

As you round the bend of the bluffs, the massive cave opening comes into view. It is difficult to describe just how big the cave feels.

Cave In Rock (25)

Cave In Rock (27)

A skinny walkway surrounded by tiered rock shelves leads into the cave and into a circular room.

Cave In Rock (34)

Cave In Rock (44)

If you look up, you can see a crevice in the ceiling of the cave.  From outside of the cave, you can see the crevice from above. The park service has built a retaining wall to secure the area.

We walked along the top of the bluffs taking in the view. Just on the other side of the Ohio River is Kentucky.

We also found this interesting looking basketball hoop =)

Cave-In-Rock (3)

We also hiked part of the Hickory Ridge Trail that connected to the Pirates’ Bluff Trail. It was good to hike, but there was no notable features located on this trail. The best view is really from the cave area!

Be sure to check this state park out!

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  1. Simply breathtaking! The cave entrance didn’t look too big until the pic with you and El, massive! Wow Great picks. !

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  2. Looks beautiful, you captured it well.


  3. Looks interesting! Nice photos!

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