Kress Farm Garden Preserve – Missouri

On a gloomy day in November, we visited Kress Farm Garden Preserve. This place is a 142+ acre garden and preserve located near Hillsboro, Missouri.

We first stated our hiking from the parking lot north along the bluebird/yellow trail and then hopped on the blue trail heading east. I loved this little tunnel of trees!

One of the best trails at Kress is the blue cave trail which is a spur of the bluebird trail. After hiking just a short ways on this trail, a large shelter cave comes into view! It’s massive!

As you continue to follow the blue trail, two more shelter caves await! It is a really cool sight and reminded me a bit of Don Robinson State Park!

The trail dead ends so you have to backtrack and pass by the caves again. Too bad! πŸ˜‰

We made our way back to the parking lot, but we wanted to keep hiking so we found the red/yellow trail. We split off and hiked the yellow trail which had a few neat features as well!

There are two wet-weather waterfalls!

Overall! I really enjoyed Kress Farm! Just a reminder, that no dogs are allowed so Ellie had to sit this one out.

When driving to Kress Farm, you pass by the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Historic Site. This is a great picnic area with a historic bridge and nice creek! Check it out!

If you are looking for more hiking around Hillsboro, Missouri, check out Valley View Glades and Victoria Glades. Both are great options!

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  1. pretty! Shame it doesn’t go around & that you have to backtrack

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  2. Love the name- bluebird trail!
    I wonder if they have bluebird houses around there? One of my fav birds!

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