Valley View Glades Natural Area – Missouri

My long time, childhood friend moved to Hillsboro, Missouri earlier last year and just a short drive from her house is Valley View Glades Natural Area. A 2.5 mile loop trail circles the expansive glade. A short way down from the parking lot leads to a stunning view across the glade.


We hiked the trail clockwise and the first section of trail parallels a small creek which has several potential areas for small waterfalls after a good rain.



The rocky glade isn’t ideal for trees to grow, but grasses and wildflowers thrive here. Therefore, when you get to a good vantage point, it feels like you can see forever. It also feels like the scenery is always changing.



I really loved this trail! It is not too strenuous,  but provides excellent views! The pups really loved it too!


On my way back home to Illinois, I took a slight detour through Morse Mill. I was searching for an old mill that I had found a picture of on the internet. However, when I arrived, it appeared that the mill had recently been demolished. On the upside, I did find a really interesting iron bridge. This bridge spans the Big River and can be accessed from Morse Mill Park.


Overall, I really enjoyed hiking at Valley View Glades. You should check it out for yourself!


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  1. That bridge is awesome! I am going to have to get out there.


  2. Great pictures as I’ve come to expect. I agree with the last post, bridge is great!


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