Northland Nature Preserve – Illinois

I often drive through Trenton, Illinois which is a small town about 45 minutes east of St. Louis, Missouri. I kept noticing a small brown sign as you would enter town that said “Nature Preserve” so one day my friend and I checked it out.

The Northland Nature Preserve is a small tract of land situated between Interstate 64 and a nice subdivision. It is not very large, but there are several loops.

The preserve is well maintained with gravel trails, a nice parking lot and even a restroom.

While it is not the most peaceful area due to the interstate, it is a much appreciated nature area so close to home. I like all of the little bridges.

Thanks to Trenton, Illinois for preserving this small piece of land!

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  1. A special close to home find!

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  2. Those small brown signs get me every time!

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