Holy Boulders – Illinois

Nestled deep in the Shawnee National Forest is a hidden gem called Holy Boulders. If you search Google Maps for Holy Boulders, it is located near the intersection of Macedonia Road and Hutchins Creek Road. There is a small open pull off to park in.

Once parked, walk towards Macedonia Road and then before you reach the bridge over the creek there is a faint path to the right that heads into the woods. You will see a small sign on a tree after a few yards to let you know you are on the right path.

The trail was a bit hard to find and follow as it crosses a creek a few times, but just keep in mind that the power line easement is to the left of you and you have to cross through that to get to Holy Boulders.

After a short hike uphill, you reach Holy Boulders! There is a billboard with a trail map. This place is known for rock climbing and it is graciously maintained by the Illinois Climbers Association.

This is the largest concentration of boulders in Southern Illinois!

It was a lot of fun to wind through and around the Boulders. We made our way back to the huge cliff line and followed it in both directions.

There were a few rock climbers out on this sunny day and it was fun to watch them.

Be sure to check this place out as it was a lot of fun to explore. On our way there, we also passed the turn off for three Pomona Natural Bridge so we stopped there on the way home!

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  1. Camp Ondessonk must be near there as I remember lots of boulders that we hiked around and crawled through years ago as campers. I didn’t appreciate its natural beauty back then! Oh to be young & full of energy again!

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  2. Looks really awesome! Any idea how it got its name? 4 more weeks and I’ll be strapping on the hiking boots!! Have to dye them chrome colored to match the walker!

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