Victoria Glades Conservation Area – Missouri

My friend and I decided to check out Victoria Glades Conservation Area near DeSoto, Missouri which is about 1.25 hours from St. Louis. To reach the parking lot using a GPS, use the address 11641 Hillsboro Victoria Road. If you don’t, you will end up on the other side of the glade like I did! The small parking lot is on the east side of the road.


The 2.3 mile loop starts out on the other side of the road and climbs up into the middle of the glade. We hiked the trail counterclockwise.



The trail meanders through the woods and at around the midway point, the glades start to come into view. Grasses and flowers thrive in the rocky soil so it feels like you can see forever. Per the Missouri Department of Conservation, “glades are commonly found on south and southwestern facing slopes with forested ridges” in Jefferson County. Who knew?!


My favorite part of the trail was the last part where the trail leaves the forest and starts to climb to the top of the glade. The bright blue sky and the yellow grasses created a beautiful contrast on this sunny day.



The Missouri Department of Conservation rates this hike as “difficult”, but I would not let that deter you. I thought is was fairly easy with a few elevation gains. If you are looking for more hiking in the area, be sure to check out Valley View Glades near Hillsboro.


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  1. Really like that shot of the green trail… moss covered?


  2. beautiful trail and happy pups! 🙂 Can’t beat that!

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