The Chubb Trail – Missouri

On a beautiful and warm day in February, my friend Nicole and I set out to conquer the Chubb Trail. The Chubb Trail runs between Lone Elk Park and West Tyson County Park near Eureka, Missouri. One way, the length of the trail is 7 miles so round trip is 14 miles. We decided to do a shuttle so we left one car at the Lone Elk trail head parking lot and then drove to the trail head at West Tyson County Park.

The first part of the Chubb Trail is within West Tyson County Park. My friend and I had previously hiked some trails here in December and I really love the trails at this park. They are rocky and beautiful with some elevation changes. Our hike started out on the foggy side, but the fog eventually cleared.  On the map, there is a spot labeled “picnic table” and that is where all of the trails sort of come together. To stay on the Chubb Trail, you head north.

Chubb Trail-02

The next section of trail starts to descend the hill. There is an overlook of the valley below.

Chubb Trail-08

I think my favorite part of the trail was at the bottom of the hill. The trail enters the prairie section and the trail widens. I loved looking back to see the hill that you were just on top of.

Chubb Trail-09Chubb Trail-12

We crossed over the train tracks and took the low water route. This route may not be accessible if the river is high, but there is another route in case this one is flooded. The trail meanders through the river bottoms and eventually meets back up with the high water route.

Chubb Trail-26

Chubb Trail-30

The trail runs between the Meramec River and the railroad tracks for most of the way back to Lone Elk Park. There are neat rock formations and river views. On the other side of the river bank is Castlewood State Park.

Chubb Trail-33Chubb Trail-36

I really loved this trail and it felt good to get outside and hike a longer trail since we had been cooped up for the winter months. Our dogs did great and completed the trail like champs! I think we were all tired after this one, but we did it!

Chubb Trail-14

The GORC website has a good trail map so check it out!



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  1. Looks like a fun hike – nice photos!


  2. Very pretty! Would love to see it when everything is green too!


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