Lake Kinkaid Spillway – Illinois

I had been feeling a bit down lately so I needed a road trip and some nature time to help change my mood around. It was supposed to rain, but the skies cleared and the sun was shining bright. Michelle and I hit the road to check out a place I found on Pinterest. Lake Kinkaid is actually a reservoir that was created in 1968. The lake is about an hour and a half from St. Louis and just north of the Shawnee National Forest.

Lake Kinkaid (20)

On the southern side of the lake is the dam and the spillway. The spillway has created a beautiful waterfall. At the end of Spillway Road is a parking lot. You can see the huge waterfall from here.

Lake Kinkaid (9)

To the left is a trail that leads down to the base of the waterfall. This area is beautiful. There is a shallow area at the base which can be slick, but you can walk around.

Lake Kinkaid (11)

Lake Kinkaid (4)

The fun part is that you can climb the rocks up the left side of the waterfall. This waterfall is multi-tiered and you can keep climbing until you reach the very top. In the distance you can see the dam.

Lake Kinkaid (14)

Lake Kinkaid (32)

Lake Kinkaid (41)

I loved this area and you could spend a day just hanging out and enjoying the water. Remember to be safe and carry out what you carry in. Check it out!

Lake Kinkaid (44)

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  1. Beautiful waterfall!


  2. looks like fun.. really awesome new look on the site too!

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  3. Absolutely beautiful! Looks like a wonderful spot.


  4. Loved the pictures of the waterfall & El’s too!


  5. Love that your dog goes everywhere with you. Looks similar to my Toy Fox Terrier.

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