Colditz Cove State Natural Area – Tennessee

While exploring the Big South Fork National Recreation Area, we decided to check out Colditz Cove State Natural Area in Allardt, Tennessee. Since we were staying near Jamestown, this was only a 30 minute drive.

Colditz Cove (75)

Colditz Cove is a really unique and beautiful place on the Cumberland Plateau. After a short hike into the forest, you come to the loop of the trail. We hiked the trail counter-clockwise. After a short walk, you will get a pretty good view of Northrup Falls.

The trail crosses the stream and begins to head away from the falls. Eventually, you cannot even hear the falls anymore, but continue on since the trail then turns back and follows along the bluff wall.

Colditz Cove (10)

Colditz Cove (11)

After crossing some wetter areas and doing a bit of scrambling over a large rock, the waterfall comes into view. Big Branch falls over 60 feet into Colditz Cove to create Northrup Falls.


The area felt magical. We were the only ones there so we took our time walking around and exploring. I loved how the rocks were stepped around the turquoise plunge pool.

Colditz Cove (40)

Colditz Cove (27)

^ Special shout out to my brother for hiking with me and standing under the waterfall! ^

The trail continues underneath the rock overhang. Be sure to look back at the falls for a different perspective.

Colditz Cove (57)

Colditz Cove (77)

The remaining part of the trail is just as impressive as rock outcroppings and bluffs await after every turn.

Colditz Cove (92)

Colditz Cove (112)

I highly recommend this hike if you are visiting the Big South Fork area. It is worth the drive. As a side note, there is a billboard that says in really tiny print that pets are not allowed; take this how you will.

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  1. Your pictures are stunning! I will add this to my list of places to hike, thanks for sharing.

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  2. Stunningly beautiful!! The waterfall looked fantastic (as did your bro!) 🙂


  3. OMG! thos pics are unreal!! 🙂 Looks awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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