The Missions of San Antonio – Texas

While in San Antonio, we did a mission road trip! Everyone knows of the historic Alamo, but did you know there are four other missions all within a couple miles?

While we didn’t have the best weather, we made the most of our day! Our first stop was Mission Concepcion. The mission was founded in 1716 and the mission was transferred in 1731 to its current site. Colorful geometric patterns once decorated the exterior, but they have since faded.


Our next stop was Mission San Jose and this might be the most well known mission besides the Alamo. I loved this mission. The stone walls provided a line of defense. I thought the architecture was stunning and the grounds were expansive.






Our next stop was the Espada Aqueduct. This aqueduct was built in 1745 and was a critical link in a 15 mile network of dams and aqueducts to irrigate land around the missions.

Our third mission was Mission San Juan! This mission was different from the other three as it has a white exterior! This mission was originally located in East Texas, but was moved to it’s permanent location where it stands today in 1731.


Our final mission for the day was Mission Ranches. I loved this place as it felt so quaint once you were inside the mission walls. This mission was as built in 1690 and is the oldest mission.



If you are looking for a quick bite to eat after exploring the missions and heading back to San Antonio, we recommend The Longhorn Cafe! Their burgers were pretty good! We had a really great day even though it was rainy!

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  1. Good to see you made it to the San Juan … we barely made it through the first two before they closed. It is an awesome trip.


  2. Wow! San Antonio is on my bucket list, but I wasn’t even aware of these missions. Now I want to go even more!

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