Julius J Knobeloch Woods Nature Preserve

We had a free Sunday morning and the weather was just slightly chilly so I typed in “hiking” into Google Maps and this place popped up! I actually had no idea this place even existed! Located on the east end of Belleville, Illinois is this hidden nature preserve.

There is parking along the side of the road for about two cars.

The trail starts out from the road with a few stairs and then leads into the woods. After just a short hike, the trail splits and creates a loop. We hiked the trail counter-clockwise despite Ellie wanting to hike clockwise LOL.

The trees were just beginning to change and it was really beautiful.

Along the back side of the trail, the trail begins to head back towards the start and descends into a small ravine. This is probably the most notable part of the trail. Wooden tree stumps create a pathway above
a small creek!

The trail is mostly uphill from here. This trail is only about .75 miles long and would be a great option for young kids! Check it out if you are in the area!

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  1. I had no idea it was here in my little corner of the world & neither did many of my friends! Thanks for sharing the info and the fantastic pictures!

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