H&B Bremer Wildlife Sanctuary – Illinois

My friend and I both had a Friday off from work and decided to take a hike! I pulled up my Google Maps and saw I had the H&B Bremer Wildlife Sanctuary starred as a place I wanted to check out.  This place is located just north of Hillsboro, Illinois which is about an hour from St. Louis. In 1977, the Bremer’s donated their farm to the Illinois Audubon Society. 

The trails are open from dawn until dusk and we arrived fairly early in the morning. We first hiked the West Prairie Trail and the sun rising over the prairies was really peaceful. Dogs are allowed on the trails which is awesome! 

We then hiked the East Prairie Trail to one of the two silos. The silos that once held grain for the farm are now a home to owls. 

We crossed the small foot bridge and hiked through the woods on the Timber Trail. 

We then hiked the Bluebird Trail to the north side of the property. The trail meets up with the Arches Rail Trail which is a 3.0 mile trail that uses the foundation of the old Terre Haute & Alton railroad.

We then walked back towards the small parking lot and stopped at the wildlife viewing platform and the second silo. 

There is also an education barn, but it was not open while we were there. 

All in all, this is a great place! It is so peaceful and not very crowded at all!

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