Jacob’s Well Natural Area – Texas

After waiting for what felt like such a long time, Amy and I had finally landed in Texas! I am so lucky to have Amy as a friend! We met about 6 years ago while working at the same company and she eventually moved to Nashville, Tennessee. We have stayed friends and talk at least a couple times a week. Work had been overly stressful for both of us so I asked her if she wanted to take a mini vacation with me and she agreed! Flights to Austin were fairly cheap so here we are! 


After leaving the airport, we first grabbed some lunch at Cane Rosso. We had the most delicious lunch pizza. The restaurant had a super cool vibe.

We hit the road and headed to Jacob’s well Natural Area. Usually, this place is a very popular swimming hole, but since we were there in the off season, we pretty much had the park to ourselves.


We headed down the cute, natural staircase and along the bluff walls.





Cypress Creek soon comes into view and you can see the outline of Jacob’s well! It was overcast while we were there so it was difficult to see the sides, but it was still neat to see this remarkable feature! The spring descends vertically 30 feet and then at an angle for about another 120 feet.


At tight squeeze leads down to platforms which allow easy access for swimmers and viewing of the well.



In the picture below, see the deep blue color? That is Jacob’s Well! It is a karstic spring located in Texas Hill Country.


We hiked the Dry Creek Trail back toward the main part of the park. 

We then hiked the Gray Fox Trail which provides a great overlook of Jacob’s Well!


I really liked this place so be sure to check it out if you are in the area. I especially liked visiting in the off-season so that we could see and appreciate nature without the crowds.


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  1. Wow, great pics, amazing place! Can only imagine the crowd in the summer! Thanks again for taking us along!


  2. Beautiful! Love that tree photo!


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