Pedernales Falls State Park – Texas

This was what I was looking for in Texas. A visit to a beautiful state park on an equally beautiful day. The previous two days in San Antonio were rainy and cold so we were super excited to see the sun! As with most Texas State Parks, there is an entry fee and to save us some time, I bought tickets online.

We stopped at the ranger station to pick up a map and there is a small overlook right off of the parking lot.


We then drove further into the park to the Pedernales Falls parking lot. This state park is called a “jewel of Texas Hill Country” and as we approached our first overlook, I could see why. The sun was shining and the bright blue hue of the water felt almost tropical.


We walked down the trail a bit further to another overlook.


To the left and right of the overlook are rock stairs that allow access to the river below. We scrambled down and began exploring the rocky area.


The Pedernales River tumbles over and around limestone ledges creating striking waterfalls. In some ways this place reminded me a bit of Johnson Shut Ins State Park from back home in Missouri.


If the water is low enough, you can explore the rocky outcroppings.


We drove down to the Swimming Area which is a nice hike down to a calmer part of the river.


We really enjoyed this park and being outside! They also have the cutest camp sites! 


As a side note, we met the nicest lady. Whenever I visit a state park, I always wish the park rangers would be more excited about their job. I mean, I get it, it’s a job. I always say my dream job is to be a park ranger with Ellie as my sidekick and give visitors great advice and maintain the beauty of the park. I always ask if the rangers have any recommendations on trails to hike (even though I have already done my research LOL) and sometimes are met with a ho hum response. As we drove through the campground to hike the Twin Falls Nature Trail, we came across the nicest lady who gave us all sorts of advice on trails and places to see etc. She was so knowledgeable of the state park and enthusiastic! Turns out, she was the campground host! She even helped us practice our Spanish flair to say the name of the park correctly! I didn’t catch her name, but she made my day! So thank you!!!


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  1. What a great fun trip!


  2. Stumbled on this spot quite by accident while roaming the central plains of Texas a couple of years ago ( It was a truly fantastic place. I wandered so far up those falls that it took me a couple of hours to get back! Looks like you got into a few of the spots in there that were closed at the time I visited. Great fun! If you are still wandering the area, be sure to check in on Colorado Bend State Park for Gorman Falls as well as Enchanted Rock!

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  3. looks like a really nice little park to spend some time in.

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