Austin – Texas

Austin, Texas!! We spent about a day and a half exploring all Austin had to offer.

On our first night, we checked out Torchy’s Tacos which was pretty good and the iconic “Greetings from Austin” mural.



Just down the street, be sure to grab a churro at the Churro Co.! The cinnamon sugar one was simple and delicious!

Our first stop the following morning was Mount Bonnell. Mount Bonnell is the highest point in Austin and short climb up a set of stairs leads to a fabulous overlook! On one side you can see the outline of the Austin skyline and on the other side, you are greeted with sweeping views of the Colorado River.


This area is also known as Covert Park.


Once at the top, we took the trail to the right down the hill and back to the parking lot.


Either before or after Mount Bonnell, I highly recommend checking out Upper Crust Bakery. We had some amazing pastries for breakfast! 

From here, we drove to McKinney Falls State Park. As with most Texas State Parks, there was an entrance fee. We explored the upper falls and then drove to the lower falls. Overall, I am happy we checked out a new state park, but I wasn’t overly impressed. It’s a nice option so close to Austin though.




We also found our new favorite coffee shop called Summer Moon. They have locations all over between Austin and San Antonio, but the original location is in Austin. They have this amazing “creamer” called moon milk. Sooo delicious! And their coffee is wood roasted and fabulous!

Later in the day, we parked down by the river and walked over the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge that spans the Colorado River.


Along the river there is an awesome dog park! Amy and I are both huge dog moms and we were missing our pups! What surprised me the most about the dog park was that the park was not fully enclosed! Not sure about your dog, but Ellie would be half way to downtown Austin if the park was not completely fenced in LOL!

Sorry for the random person in the picture, but the best part of the dog park is that they have a dock into the river that the dogs run and jump off of!! The dogs were so happy!


We drove around the city for a bit and ended up having dinner and then we got rolled ice cream at Frozen Rolls! It was so good!

Overall, we really enjoyed our time in Austin! 




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  1. Sounds like a fun trip !!


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