Hamilton Pool Preserve – Texas

While researching places to hike in Texas, I stumbled across Hamilton Pool Preserve. I actually couldn’t believe this place was in Texas! Most of the time, you have to make a reservation to visit this place since it is a very popular swimming hole, but since we visited in the middle of February, we didn’t need a reservation. There is a per car fee to enter the park. At the time we visited, we paid $15 and it is cash only!

A short and rocky hike leads down to Hamilton Creek.

The trail follows the creek to Hamilton Pool. This area is spectacular! The trail actual circles the pool and goes underneath the rock shelter.

There is a small beach so sit down for a moment and take in the beautiful view! The creek spills over the ledge and creates a waterfall.

I loved walking underneath the rock ceiling!


This magical place is about an hour drive from Austin, Texas which is perfect for a day trip. After exploring Hamilton Pool, be sure to check out the Route 12 Filling Station for a bite to eat! We loved the food and the atmosphere!

Have you ever been to Hamilton Pool Preserve? If so, what did you think? If not, time to add it to your Places To Go List! 


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  1. Did you camp near here or were you passing through?

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  2. Looks like a neat place to visit!


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