Ash Cave, Hocking Hills – Ohio

Ash Cave is one of several beautiful features in Hocking Hills State Park near Logan, Ohio and is just a short drive from Old Man’s Cave. A short paved trail from the parking lot winds through the forest and leads back to the large recess cave.

Ohio (63)

Ohio (66)

The cave is beautiful and during the wetter months; a seasonal waterfall pours over the edge and falls freely to the floor below.

Ohio (11)

Ohio (76)

I loved the colors of the cave walls and how the large walls made you feel so small.

Ohio (56)

Tucked inside the cave against the back wall is a set of stairs that lead up and out of the cave. Take a quick look behind you at the beautiful waterfall one last time.

Ohio (60)

From here, you can walk down, back to the paved path or you can take another set up stairs up to the Rim Trail.

Ohio (35)

We took the Rim Trail to get a different view of the landscape on the way back to the parking lot.

Ohio (83)

Below is a trail map that is from the Ohio DNR website. I highlighted the trails that we hiked.

Ash Cave Trail Map

Just like all of the sites within Hocking Hill State Park, Ash Cave is very popular. This is a site not to be missed!

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  1. Love the photos!!


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