Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest – Ohio

After checking out the Zaleski State Forest, we took the long way back to Hocking Hills State Park. We decided to check out Vinton Furnace Experimental Forest. From Highway 50, we turned off when we saw a state forest sign on Stone Quarry Road. I had heard that there were some old furnaces tucked back in here. We drove about 2 miles down a mostly gravel and dirt road. You see a very old bridge over a creek and this is where we parked.

Ohio (44)

The bridge is old and the wood boards are worn. Be sure to walk on the beams that support the bridge so you do not end up in the creek below =)

Ohio (45)

The trail will “T” and to the right is another old bridge.

Ohio (28)

If you take the trail to the left, it will lead upwards and bring you to the old furnaces.

Ohio (5)

Ohio (24)

The furnaces are tucked up between some trees on a hill and you can just see how much history they must hold.

The map below was obtained from the Ohio DNR

Vinton Furnace Map.

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