Cantwell Cliffs, Hocking Hills – Ohio

Cantwell Cliffs is another neat area within the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. It is the farthest away from Old Man’s Cave, but it is worth the drive. On the day we went hiking here, it was rainy and cold, but once we got down into the gorge, the tall trees sheltered us from some of the rain. The trail starts out from the parking lot and leads down a set of rock stairs.

Ohio 1 (4)

The trail turns to the left and another set of stairs leads you down between to large rocks.

Ohio 1 (3)

Ohio 1 (8)

One of the most iconic parts of the trail is waiting for you after your decent. Fat Women’s Squeeze is a narrow passage way between two rocks that leads you out into the gorge. There is also another way around through if you do not feel like squeezing =)

Ohio 1 (7)

Ohio 1 (6)

I have read that most people turn back after checking out this portion of the trail, but the rest of Cantwell cliffs is beautiful.  We hiked the Gorge Trail as it followed a small creek. There were several creek crossings along this trail, but nothing very difficult.

Ohio 1 (5)

Ohio 1 (9)

When the Gorge Trail met back up with the Rim Trail, we took that route which led back to a canyon.

Ohio 1 (1)

There were several small seasonal waterfalls along the way since it has been raining. The Rim Trail provides with beautiful view from above into the gorge below. This trail can be dangerous though with steep drop offs along the way.

Ohio 1 (2)

Cantwell Cliffs is another perfect example of the beauty of the Hocking Hills area. Be sure to check it out!

Cantwell Cliffs Map


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  1. Beautiful pictures & being a little claustrophobic, I’m not sure I could have done the fat lady squeeze!!


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