Tioga Falls – Kentucky

Tioga Falls is a 2 mile out and back trail located near Radcliff, Kentucky. This trail is about 35 minutes southwest of Louisville. If you are in the area, this trail is not to be missed. The signs lead to a parking lot below a train trestle. There is also another trail that starts from this area called ‘Bridges of the Past’, but we didn’t check it out.

There is an entrance sign that signifies the start of the trail. The trail crosses over Tioga Creek and then a sign indicates a detour. The detour directs you to walk along Railway Trestle Road until you reach a gate. It seems a bit odd, but you are on the correct path =)

Once at the gate, the trail is to the left and quickly climbs up the hill. This part is probably the most strenuous part of the trail.

Once at the top, the view is worth it! It feels like you can see forever. The trail crosses over the train tracks and leads deep into the forest.

The trail continues on and ends at the falls. Tioga Falls is a tiered waterfall and it is stunning! I was trying to count all of the tiers and you can’t even see them all! Pictures do not do this waterfall justice!

We had the waterfall to ourselves for a bit so we just took in the beauty of the falls. Ellie splashed around in the creek =)

We headed back to the car the same way we hiked in. Stay tuned for more posts of places we checked out on our trip to Louisville, Kentucky!

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  1. Rivers and waterfalls are closed in my country so I really enjoyed your pics and this post. Lovely trail. Cute dog 😊🐕

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