Dogwood Canyon Nature Park – Missouri

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is a work of art located deep in the Missouri Ozarks. While visiting Branson, Missouri earlier this year, we took a drive to Dogwood Canyon. From Branson, it is about a 45 minute drive. Fun fact: Dogwood Canyon is owned by the same company as Bass Pro Shops.


If you are looking for an easy way to experience the beauty of nature, this place is for you. After parking, you walk up to the kiosk to choose how you want to experience the park.

The options to experience Dogwood Canyon are endless and include walking, biking, Segway tours and the Wildlife Tram Tour. We chose to just walk, but the Wildlife Tram Tour is a great option if you are looking for an easy way to see the beauty of the park!


The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained. We first stopped to see Indian Cliff Falls located just outside of the Dogwood Canyon Mill.


The Dogwood Canyon Mill is a stunning building!



A paved trail leads throughout the grounds and crosses Little Indian Creek several times. We loved Long Pine Crossing wooden bridge!



Up next on the walking path was the Hope Wilderness Chapel. It is a replica of a church from the 1800’s and is available for wedding services!

We strolled the path and passed by Thunder Falls which was very beautiful! It is 60 feet tall!



Up next was the Chuckwagon site.


From here, we hiked just a bit further to the trailhead for the Box Canyon Trail. This was actually my favorite part of the day. This trail is natural and not man-made. After a short hike, the trail opens up to a Box Canyon with a small stream.


I really did like Dogwood Canyon. It was something different as it was more commercialize than I am used to, but what I really like is that it makes nature accessible for all!


If you are ever in the Branson, Missouri area, be sure to check out Dogwood Canyon!

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  1. That place would look amazing after some rain. All the waterfalls would really by pumping out the water. Thanks for sharing. It looked like a fabulous day out. Mel


    • amazing photos as always. Never knew anything about this place! Been to Table Rock Lake many times near the Branson area. Another one for the extremely heavy bucket of lists! Really a neat place! Thanks for taking us along Kal and El, Uncle Ray and Aunt Judy

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  2. Beautiful spot. Can you bathe in the waterfall? I have never seen such a commercialized trail but I must admit the maintenance of the trail is exquisite.


  3. Beautiful park! I’ve been here twice and would definitely go back again. It is pretty commercialized but a great place to explore and learn!

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  4. It looks like an awesome place to visit! Love those waterfalls!

    Liked by 1 person

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