Rutledge Falls – Tennessee

It is really hard for me to go to the same place twice…I just feel like there is so much to see and I want to see it all! I mean just look at all the places I have marked on my Google Maps! LOL!


But, Rutledge Falls is another exception. I love this waterfall and I am not sure why. There is something magical about it. Maybe it is how the creek falls over multiple ledges creating a cascade or how this waterfalls is quite literally in someone’s backyard, but I love this place.


I was in Nashville visiting my really good friend that I used to work with, Amy. Her and her husband were up for a hike so we first checked out Short Springs Natural Area. After leaving there, we drove right past the parking lot for Rutledge Falls so we had to stop! Along Rutledge Falls Road, there is a small pull-off with a white sign with some rules. This waterfalls is on private property so please be respectful! It is just a short walk through the fence and down a gravel driveway.

There is a small overlook where you get your first view of the falls.


From here, you can scramble down the rocks to the creek.




Take a moment to just take in the beauty of nature =) You can see my original post here!

A big shout out to Amy for letting me spend the weekend with them! Also, in the below picture is her dog, Scarlet! She is the sweetest dog ever! Ellie has friends all over! I’ll be back soon, Tennessee!!


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  1. I can see why this place is worth a second visit. Just stunning! Mel

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  2. Love the waterfall! On private property nonetheless!

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  3. commenting on Your map above. are You driving to all of these places or most or just a few? I, too, do a bit of midwestern hiking and find myself having a hard time driving all over.


  4. This place is so so pretty! My brother and his fiancee just moved to Tennessee from California,I guess I HAVE to go visit them now. Or maybe just go see these falls! πŸ˜›

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