Long Hunter State Park – Tennessee

While visiting Nashville, Tennessee to see my brother, we decided to check out Long Hunter State Park in Hermitage. It was a beautiful day so I knew we had to get outside! Since pets are not allowed in certain areas of the park, we headed to the Bluff Area. This part of the park is stunning.


After a short walk from the parking lot, there is an overlook. Rocky bluffs line J. Percy Priest Lake and you can see forever.



We followed the bluff line and checked out all of the different views. The trail winds through the picnic area and ends near a beach area.


We did not get to fully explore the park since we had Ellie with us, but from what we did see, this looks like a great park. There were several boats enjoying the sunny day on the lake.


On our way back to Nashville, we stopped at the Percy Priest Dam. The parking lot for the dam connects to a really nice greenway along the Stones River and also a dog park! We let El run around for a little bit here since we had a long day in the car!



Overall, Long Hunter State Park is a great park just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Be sure to check it out! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below! And remember to search Planned Spontaneity Hiking on Facebook and follow me there!

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  1. Interesting sinkholes too!


  2. that looks like a LOVELY hike!! 🙂


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