Rock Island State Park – Tennesee

While visiting my brother in Nashville for a long weekend, we set out to visit a couple state parks. We first stopped at Cummins Falls State Park and after a quick lunch, we headed to Rock Island State Park. I had previously been to this park a couple years ago and you can see my original post HERE. My favorite picture I have ever taken was taken at this place, see below!


This amazing state park is located about an hour and a half southeast of Nashville. The Caney Fork River cuts through this park creating a rocky gorge. First, we explore the north side of the park. We parked and headed down to the Big Falls Observation Area. The Big Falls are so impressive! Water pours out from the gorge walls creating some of the largest waterfalls I have ever seen.

rock-island-1-1 rock-island-1-2 rock-island-1-3

We saw a couple people walking around below the trail on the rocks that line the river so we headed down there. After some coaxing, my brother got me to sit on a large, flat rock right across from the waterfall. It takes your breath away! The sun was shining, I had my puppy in my lap and I could feel the mist from the waterfall. It really couldn’t get much better than that!



We made our way back to the parking lot by scrambling up some rocks beneath the large staircase. From here, we headed over to the south side of the state park. I wanted to show my brother the gorge, but it was extremely crowded and there was some sort of medical emergency going on so we headed for the Blue Hole trail. This was a trail that I had not previously hiked and from the description, it sounded like a trail we needed to hike! A set of wooden stairs leads down to a set of metal stairs. Underground caves create waterfalls that spill out of the side of the gorge. It almost looks like the waterfalls appear from nowhere!


The trail was strenuous and awesome. The trail leads underneath a waterfall, through streams and the whole time the river is below you.


This trail was probably the highlight of our day. I think at some point the trail headed down to the river to the Blue Hole fishing area, but we made our own path to this twin waterfall!


A twin waterfall for us twins! I highly recommend hiking this trail, but be prepared to get a little wet!

rock-island-43 rock-island-44We made our way back to the car and we were exhausted. A day of waterfalling and hiking will really wear you out! I am really glad I had the chance to show my brother this park. We really had a great time exploring and seeing all of the beautiful waterfalls. Be sure to check this place out!




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  1. So glad you two can hike together once in a while!! ( with your favorite canine companion of course!) 😃


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