Rock Island State Park – Tennessee

While we were exploring Tennessee last summer, we visited Rock Island State Park. We often use the Oh, Ranger app on our iPhones to find neat places to check out. We had finished our hiking that we had planned early in the day and were looking for something else to do. The description of this park really caught our eye so we decided to check it out. Rock Island State Park is located about and hour and a half southeast of Nashville, Tennessee along the Caney Fork River. What is so impressive about this park is that the river creates a limestone gorge which is filled with neat swimming holes and waterfalls.

We did not really know what to expect, so we parked in the small parking lot near the Old Cotton Mill.There is a little sign that explains the history of the mill.


From here, we walked down the stairs and along a trail that leads out into the gorge. There are signs posted about rising waters which I guess would be due to the dam just up river from here.


As we hiked down the trail, before we reached the gorge, we were greeted with one of the most amazing waterfalls we have ever seen. The waterfall felt so pure and magical since it was gently coming out from the bluff overhead, hidden by the surrounding trees. I think this is one of my favorite waterfalls we have seen so far.422

Once you reach the gorge, it is a very neat place to explore. A lot of people were swimming in the various pools of water.




From here, we drove across the river to the Big Falls Overlook. You can see the Big Falls from the gorge, but the best view is from the other side of the river. The falls are quite impressive!



Rock Island State Park also has a campground and also various hiking trails. This park is definitely worth the drive if you are near the Nashville area. You can find more information on the Tennessee State Parks website.

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