Dillard Mill State Historic Site – Missouri 

Dillard Mill is located south of Steelville, Missouri about 2.25 hours southwest of St. Louis in the heart of the Mark Twain National Forest. I had just had my wisdom teeth pulled two days earlier and while strenuous activity is not recommended, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be outside in February when it was 77 degrees. So Ellie and I hopped in the car and headed out for a bit of sightseeing.

Photo Feb 20, 11 17 10 AM

^El loves road trips^

A short trail leads down the hill and around the pond to the mill.

Photo Feb 20, 10 02 16 AM

The fully operational mill is one of the State’s best preserved gristmills.

Photo Feb 20, 10 17 54 AM

Dillard Mill is actually the second mill to be located at this site. The first mill, Wisdom’s Mill, was built in 1850 and later destroyed by a fire in 1895. Using salvaged timbers from Wisdom’s Mill, the present day Dillard Mill, or sometimes called Mischke’s Mill, was built in 1908.

Photo Feb 20, 10 09 52 AM

I loved the cows behind the mill in the pasture!

Photo Feb 20, 10 12 27 AMPhoto Feb 20, 10 10 23 AM

Operations ceased in 1956.

Also located at the historic site are a couple of historic buildings including the general store which was built in 1892. I loved how the store was filled will items you might see when the store was operational.

Photo Feb 20, 10 33 27 AM

Dillard Mill State Historic Site is a great location and I love that the State has taken measures to preserve it. I probably could have sat by the pond all day, it was so peaceful. Be sure to take a road trip and experience Dillard Mill!

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  1. Loved the cows in the pasture & the picture along the side of mill looking into the stream the best!

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