Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve – Illinois

Fults Hill Prairie Nature Preserve is located just northwest of Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois along Bluff Road about 45 minutes southeast of St. Louis, Missouri. The trail is a 1.4 mile loop and is rated as extreme probably due to the initial ascent.

Fults Hill (1)

The trail starts out from a small parking lot and heads straight up the bluff via a wooden staircase.

Fults Hill (3)

The landscape consists of tall bluffs and deep ravines. As the trail leads upward, you get expansive views of the Mississippi River floodplain.

Fults Hill (7)

Photo Feb 07, 9 21 22 AM

The trail continues though the woods, leading away from the bluffs.

Fults Hill (6)

Fults Hill (4)

My favorite part of the trail was when you begin the decent back down to the trail head. The trail cuts through a beautiful prairie. The tall grasses sway in the wind.

Fults Hill (21)Fults Hill (19)

The trail is very steep and rocky in this section. For these reasons, I would recommend hiking the trail in a counterclockwise direction.

Fults Hill (23)

I really enjoyed this trail and while it is not too long, the inclines really get your heart pumping. We also visited Fort De Chartres Historic Site which is just about 15 minutes away. Thanks to my BFF, Michelle, for taking a road trip with me!


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  1. The steps do look steep! Love that pic of puppy looking out over the bluff!


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