Bluffview Trail – Missouri

My friend and I wanted to get out and take a hike, but didn’t want to drive too far. I found the Bluffview Trail on the Camping Missouri blog and thought this would be a good choice. The trail is located in Wildwood, Missouri.

Bluffview (2)

The trail is a point to point trail so one way is 2.5 miles and round trip would be closer to 5 miles. We took two cars so we decided to leave one at the bottom of the trail which is off of Grand Ave off of Highway 109. We parked the other car at the parking lot farther up off of Old State Road. This is a brand new, very nice parking lot. By starting from this parking lot, we took the easy route and hiked the trail down hill.

Bluffview (8)Bluffview (11)

This is a multi-use trail so be sure to yield to bicyclists and horses.

Bluffview (12)

The main feature to this trail is the beautiful overlook. Green, rolling hills meet the sky with a picture perfect red barn off in the distance.

Bluffview (5)

The Bluffview Trail meets up with the Al Foster trail. From here, you can either hike back to the trail head you started at or since we took two cars, we headed toward the other trail head. This part of the Al Foster trail is beautiful. Tall bluffs tower overhead and you can catch a glimpse of the Meramec River to your left. There is even a miniature railroad line that runs along this trail =)

Bluffview (14)Bluffview (13)

Before we headed back to the car, we took a short detour to get down to the river and check it out.

Here is a trail map I found online from GORC “Gateway Off-Road Cyclists”.


Bluffview (7)

Be sure to check out the Bluffview Trail as it is a great trail that is close to St. Louis!

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  1. Loved the barn picture!


  2. My goodness, how did I miss this one?!!! The train ride crosses the hiking trail at several junctions. Great pics as usual!! Thanks for sharing!!


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