Boy Scout Trail – Highland Silver Lake – Illinois

The Boy Scout Trail at Silver Lake in Highland, Illinois is very close to home and I have never been there! Highland is about thirty minutes east of St. Louis. I met up with my friend and her pup one day after work to check out the trail. The trail is an out and back trail with a small loop at the end and is about 4.5 miles long. I would rate this trail as moderate as the trail is fairly flat, but with a few inclines.

Photo Aug 04, 5 41 39 PM

Photo Aug 04, 5 52 43 PM

The trail follows the shore of the lake for most of the way.

Photo Aug 04, 6 28 36 PM

One thing that makes this trail unique is that there are a lot of little wooden plank bridges to cross small streams or low areas.

Photo Aug 04, 6 02 47 PM

Photo Aug 04, 6 12 40 PMPhoto Aug 04, 6 06 06 PM

Overall, this is a nice trail that is close to home. You almost forget you are in Highland for a little while.

Photo Aug 04, 5 52 49 PM

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  1. Nice little hike!


  2. Very nice & close to home!


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