Willoughby Heritage Farm – Illinois

So a local farm near my house was having a dog night and I though it would be fun to go. I asked my friend if she wanted to come and bring her two dogs. We really had no idea what to expect, but thought it would be a fun night out. Willoughby Heritage Farm is located in Collinsville, Illinois not too far from St. Louis.

Willoughby (17)

As we were walking in, I heard a worker telling someone that they had trails so that peaked my interest. Turns out they have three main trails with the longest one being around 1.5 miles. We hiked the longest trail which is blazed in red arrows. The yellow trail is about a mile long. The trails wind through the woods, but are marked very well.

Willoughby (1)

Willoughby (4)^ All the dogs ready to hike ^

I honestly couldn’t believe that I never knew these trails were here. The trails were steep in sections which I wasn’t expecting. It kept things fun and interesting.

Willoughby (6)I really liked these trails. There were bridges and creeks and other neat features along the way.

Willoughby (5) Willoughby (7) Willoughby (8) Willoughby (10) Willoughby (11)After we were finished the trail, we went up to the farm to check things out. Neither my friend nor I have kids so we were joking that it felt like we were on a field trip with our kids except that our kids are dogs =). We took them around to all of the animals and were like “Do you see the goat? Oh and there is a cow!” All of the dogs loved the goats.

Willoughby (3) Willoughby (2)The farm is really neat with a lot of buildings and activities.  We walked around the beautiful grounds and checked everything out.

Willoughby (13) Willoughby (12)And of course we had to pose for pictures =)

Willoughby (16) Willoughby (15) Willoughby (14)

^ El with her friends, Sophie and Harv ^

Overall, it was a fun and unexpected night. It was really great to hike some trails so close to home and experience a place that I had never been to before. I love supporting places that are dog-friendly since my pup is really like my kid =).


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  1. That is really cool. I think Max wouldn’t know what to do at a farm. It would be a mix of frantic looking around and wanting to chase, while trying to hide behind me from everything. Thanks for sharing!


    • Haha! Sounds like our dogs have a lot in common! She tried to chase some big birds and then we had to stay away from the rabbit enclosure since someone has a history of attacking rabbits :/ All of the dogs were really well behaved so it was a good time!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved to see El in the driver’s seat on tractor! It is so neat that there are really cool places so close to home.


  3. El on the tractor is precious!


  4. Looks like the kids had fun on the field trip!!


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