Fall Creek Falls State Park – Tennessee

Fall Creek Falls State Park is one of those parks that is super popular and everyone knows about. While staying in Sewanee, Tennessee, we took a drive to check out this popular park. The park is about two hours southeast of Nashville and is home to Fall Creek Falls which is the highest free-fall waterfall east of the Mississippi River. The Cane Creek creates a gorge which is the perfect setting for this park.

Fall Creek Falls 1

We parked at the Fall Creek Falls overlook which gives you a great view of the waterfall and the surrounding area. Fall Creek Falls State Park

From the overlook, there is a trail to the left which leads to the base of the waterfall. It is a strenuous half mile hike, but well worth it. There are some neat features along this short trail and of course the base of the waterfall at the end.

Fall Creek Falls 6

Fall Creek Falls 4

Fall Creek Falls 2

Fall Creek Falls 7

Fall Creek Falls 5

If you are looking for another trail to hike, there is the famous Cable Trail. This trail is extremely strenuous and steep and you must hold onto a cable to descend down into the gorge. Since the park was extremely busy, we decided not to hike this trail, but it is on my “To Do” list for one day when we are in the area again.

This park has something for everyone. If you are not into hiking, there is a scenic drive that takes you along the rim of the gorge with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. There are several pull-offs along the drive so be sure to get out, stretch your legs and take in the amazing scenery.

Fall Creek Falls 3

We also took a short hike to the suspension bridge near the Nature Center. Along the way, we found a perfect “Natural Doggie Bowl” for our pup to drink out of =)

Natural Doggie Bowl


All in all, this is a great park, but can get quite busy during the peak season. With several trails to hike and waterfalls to see, this is a great park to visit. Check out the map below from the Tennessee State Park’s website.

Fall Creek Falls Map

Have you been here or have any additional questions? Please leave a comment!

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