Burgess Falls – Tennessee

Several years ago, I visited Burgess Falls State Park near Sparta, Tennessee. There is a trail that follows the Falling Water River where you can view several waterfalls. The largest waterfall used to have a metal staircase that led to the base of the waterfalls, but it was destroyed in a flood and never rebuilt. You can see my original post HERE!

Currently, the only legal way to the base of Burgess Falls is by kayak. In late September, my friend and I signed up for a kayaking event led by the State Park. We met at the Cane Creek Boat Ramp and began our 2 mile paddle to the base of the waterfall.

What is important to note is you can actually only kayak all the way to the base between April through July and during this time you might not be able to get out of your kayak since the water levels might be too high.

In late September since it was after Labor Day, the Corps of Engineers begin to discharge water from the lake so the water levels drop significantly. We actually had to park our kayaks and hike about 1/3 of a mile to the base.

Burgess Falls is BEAUTIFUL! It is one of the most powerful and majestic waterfalls. A portion of it juts out to create a more angular waterfall. Its’ sheer size is breathtaking.

I absolutely loved being able to visit this waterfall again. Since the State Park doesn’t provide kayaking tours very often, I highly recommend you check out Kayaking Adventures of Tennessee. They were leading a group while we were arriving and they helped us safely experience the waterfall. Their knowledge of the area is unparalleled and they lead tours very frequently.

Thanks Amy for another great adventure!

Burgess Falls – I will be back! ❤

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  1. Evidently water levels cooperated this time and allowed you out. Nice images and such a sweet looking place to check out.


  2. This place looks great! I will definitely keep it in mind for a future visit.


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