Stillhouse Hollow Falls State Natural Area – Tennessee

I spent a few days in September visiting my friend in Tennessee. One day, we took a drive to Stillhouse Hollow Falls State Natural Area which is near Columbia, Tennessee and just over an hour south of Nashville, Tennessee.

This area does have a smaller parking lot and signs are posted that once the parking lot is at max capacity, you should return on a different day or time so just something to keep in mind on the weekends etc.

The trail to the falls is only about 2/3 mile long, but it’s a decent elevation drop. After the first hike down, you arrive at the unnamed tributary that feeds Stillhouse Hollow Falls. It is a very peaceful creek with a few small cascades.

The trail crosses a small bridge and straight ahead is the Elk Ridge Trail. We continued to the right along the boardwalk which leads to the waterfall. The trail will split and a very short trail will lead to the top of the waterfall. Stillhouse Hollow Falls tumbles approximately 75 feet to the forest floor below.

Back on the main trail, it continues to descend to the bottom of the hollow. Just to let you know there are metal stairs on this portion of the trail and if your dog doesn’t like them like Ellie, you might have to carry them =)

The trail crosses one more time over the creek and backtracks to the base of the waterfall. You will pass by an old foundation and what is left of a brick fireplace.

I love this picture of me and Ellie =) Photo Credit: Amy

The falls quickly come into view and they are beautiful. Even though the parking lot was full since we came on a Saturday, we were able to get a few minutes to ourselves at the waterfall to take a few pictures and enjoy the peaceful scene. The leaves were just beginning to fall and float in the pool.

We hiked back the way we came, but we hopped on the Elk Ridge Trail which climbs to the top of a ridge and then flattens out. Not too much to see along this trail, but it is far less crowded than the main trail and added some mileage since the waterfall trail is fairly short.

Dogs are allowed at this Natural Area and Ellie had a great time playing and splashing in the creek.

A special thanks to Amy for joining me on this hike!

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  1. Really pretty! Thanks for yet another vicarious hike!


  2. This looks like a beautiful, interesting place!


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