Pinnacles Youth Park – Missouri

Pinnacles Youth Park is located just north of Columbia, Missouri on Highway 63. I used to drive pass the small sign for this place when I would drive back and forth between Truman State University in northern Missouri and home, but never knew what the sign was for.

This place is privately owned, but they allow the public to visit. Dogs are also allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

From the parking lot, we headed past the kiosk down to the creek. The 75 foot tall rock formations called “pinnacles’ tower over Silver Fork Creek.

It is a unique and interesting landscape and since the creek was low, we walked along it for a bit while the dogs played in the water. Silver Fork Creek actually doubled back on itself long ago and created the narrow, rocky spires.

You can actually climb on top of the pinnacles. We actually stood up there!

To hike to the top of the pinnacles, you will want to go back to the parking lot and walk the rock road behind the red barrier. The trail will T so head to the right. You will know you are in the right place when you see a sign for the “Old Dam Crossin'”.

Cross the creek here using the rocks as stepping stones and look for the trail on the other side of the creek.

From here, go left and then you will notice a split in the trail. You will want to take the trail to the left that heads uphill to the pinnacles.

Be careful in this area as you are very high up, but the view is worth it!

Once at the top, you can hike back down and head back the same way. There is a lower trail that takes you to the backside of the pinnacles and a dry creek bed.

While this place is pretty small, we really enjoyed the scenery and the creek. Let me know if you have any questions about visiting!

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  1. Really a neat place! Thanks for taking us along!


  2. A friend introduced me to this spot several years ago and I was amazed. Great find and a unique formation in the middle of Missouri!

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