Hole in the Rock – Arizona

One place that seems to be pretty popular in Phoenix is a unique place called Hole in the Rock. It is located in Papago Park. A short .3 mile trail starts out from the parking lot and circles the large rock.

Immediately from the parking lot you can see this unique geological formation. From the backside of the rock, a smooth, but steep climb allows access to the hole. There is another hole that points towards the sky!

It was pretty crowded while we were there so we snapped a quick picture and headed on our way. It was fun circling the rock, looking for places to climb around! I think kids would really enjoy this area!

Papago Park is beautiful as well with its’ tall palm trees and sparkling water. The Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Gardens are also nearby so be sure to check those out as well!

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  1. Reminds me of climbing on Skull Rock in the Badlands.. Love rock formations!

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  2. I climbed all around the Garden of hte Gods in Colorado as a kid a couple of times on family vacations. This reminds me of that and yes, kids would love it!

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