Strawberry Creek Nature Area – Missouri

Strawberry Creek Nature Area is a 118-tract of land near Arnold, Missouri.

My friend and I visited this place right as the trees and flowers were starting to bloom for spring. There is a map online and also at the trailhead. Below is a map with the trails we hiked.

We hiked heading towards the back of the area and crossed Strawberry Creek several times. The trail winds its’ way between two large hills and then towards the back of the area, the trail climbs to the top of one of the hills.

We saw lots of wildlife including a few small snakes, a turtle and a groundhog!

Dogs are also allowed on these trails and in total I think we hiked about 3 miles.

Just as an FYI, if you enter this place into Google Maps it tries to take you to the wrong location 🙂 The parking lot is off of Tenbrook Road.

Happy adventures! Hike on!

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