Fall Creek Falls State Park – Tennessee

Earlier during the pandemic, I was trying to stay safe, but still adventure a bit so I drove down to Tennessee to visit my friend. We spent a few days exploring and one of the places we visited was Fall Creek Falls State Park. I had been there several years ago, but the beauty I remembered was still there as well as several new park improvements!

We first stopped at the new Visitor’s Center! I loved how they had the map of the state park enlarged on the wall! If you are camping, you check in here.

We then headed off to Fall Creek Falls. We first viewed the waterfall from above at the observation platform. Did you know this is the tallest waterfall east of the Mississippi River?! So beautiful!

If you are up for it, I highly recommend the hike to the bottom of the waterfall. To the left of the overlook, is the trail. There are several switchbacks and the terrain is rocky, challenging and a bit slick, but I loved every minute of it!

It’s Amy!

Once you get down far enough you are actually under the bluff that the overlook is on and the waterfall soon comes into view! There is a huge plunge pool! Just take a minute to take it all in!

We headed back up to the top and did the scenic drive to Milikilan’s Overlook which provides an outstanding view of the Cane Creek Gulf.

We then stopped at Piney Creek Falls which was only slightly visible, but you could hear it! There is a suspension bridge over Piney Creek which provides a better view of the falls, but it was closed for improvements.

We then headed back to the Nature Center and viewed the two Cane Creek Waterfalls!

The park is pretty busy since it is so beautiful and popular, but we found a secluded spot on Cane Creek and we relaxed for a bit, taking in the pure beauty of nature.

If you are ever in middle Tennessee, I high recommend this park! You will not be disappointed!

Have you been to Fall Creek Falls State Park!? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I live in Nashville and love our state’s parks. Fall Creek Falls is very beautiful; did you know the park will open a new lodge and restaurant later this year?

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    • I did not know that! I couldn’t believe all of the improvements they made since last time I was there about 7 years ago! Very cool!


      • Yes, the parks have been hard at work! Some lodges and restaurants are getting major renovations, and others are getting completely new facilities. Let me know the next time you visit a Tennessee State Park; I have a blog on the parks (maggiegigandet.com/blog) and would be honored if you’d do a guest post!

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  2. Looks like a beautiful day in the park!


  3. I LOVE Fall Creek Falls SP! Did you do the Cable Trail? I was there in 2017 and was able to get some good pics behind the falls after wading through the pond at the bottom of the falls. Love the suspension bridges and multiple falls all in one park!

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  4. This looks like such a beautiful place! I’ve never explored Tennessee but I think I may need to make a trip!

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