White Pines Forest State Park – Illinois

As we were driving to Castle Rock State Park, I saw a sign for White Pines Forest State Park. I had never heard of this park before, but we had some time to kill so we followed the signs. I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived! This park is located in the Rock River valley near Rockford, Illinois.


We first parked over by the restaurant and walked the road back to the Lookout Trail. 13 cabins sit along this road in a loop and it makes for a quiant setting with a large grassy area in the middle of all of the cabins.


There was a small overlook where you could see a train trestle bridge.


We then hopped back in the car and explored the other side of the park. This is where things got interesting! There are fords in this park! A ford is where the stream crosses the roadway, but is usually low enough that you can drive across. If you want to get to the campground, you have to ford Pine Creek!



So that you can walk freely around the park without getting wet and since the fords can be slippery, several pededstrian bridges have been built.

My favorite was the one with the stone foundation that is the start for the Sleepy Hollow Trail. Just past this bridge is a rocky bluff that lines the creek.



Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this park. It had a sense of serenity and beauty that was tucked away from the outside world. Have you ever visited White Pines Forest State Park?



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  1. Very pretty and looks very tranquil.

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  2. Such an idyllic spot! Certainly can see why you found serenity here! Just listening to the water gently tumble over the spillway would give the soul comfort! Wow ! Spectacular views! Thanks for taking us along.


  3. One of my favorite places in the Illinois park system. The trails are great for walking the sand everything is so peaceful. The fjords are fun to cross. In fact, we are going to visit tomorrow!

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