Casey – Illinois

I am always up for checking out new things. Casey, Illinois is a small town along Interstate 70 between Effingham, Illinois and Terre Haute, Indiana. It is best known for its’ “Big Things in a Small Town’. While driving back from our camping adventure at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, we pulled off to stretch out legs and check out this quaint town.


All attractions are free to visit! Several of the items are even considered the World’s Largest like the knitting needle, golf tee, wind chime, wooden shoes, mailbox and rocking chair.


My favorite was the wind chime! The sound was so peaceful.


There are also other very large items in Casey, but not quite big enough to be the world’s largest. We also saw the pencil, ruler, and bird cage!

Overall, this is a neat attraction that is worth a stop!

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  1. Always wanted to go see this town!


  2. Too funny! I guess every town has an angle and this one has a BIG one! Thanks for sharing the fun. Mel


  3. Loved the mailbox!! I’d like to take a visit there myself!


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