Yahoo Falls, Big South Fork National Recreation Area – Kentucky

Yahoo Falls Scenic Area is a rugged and beautiful area within the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. Located west of Marshes Siding, Kentucky, this area is a must visit when visiting the area. I have a hard time passing up a hike to a waterfall so my brother and I checked out this trail.

After just a few hundred feet from the trailhead, there is a short trail down to a wooden overlook platform. The view is pretty good, but the East Rim Overlook is still superior.

Yahoo Falls (4)

We continued down the trail and when the trail splits, you can either go left and down to the waterfall or straight which leads high above the waterfall. We stayed straight in hopes of seeing the waterfall from above, but due to the trees, we could not get a good view. We continued along the trail and it winds down underneath the massive overhang that Yahoo Falls plunges off of.

Yahoo Falls (13)

Yahoo Falls (21)

The tall and slender waterfall falls 113 feet and is considered to be the tallest waterfall in the state of Kentucky. We hiked down the small set of stairs to the plunge pool. I loved how there was stairs!

Yahoo Falls (25)

The trail follows the base of the bluffs and provides great views of the rock outcroppings.

Yahoo Falls (46)

Yahoo Falls (49)

After a metal set of stairs, the trail meets up with the original trail to create the loop and return to the parking lot. Just a note, the metal stairs were a bit rough to provide better traction, but I noticed that my pup didn’t like walking on them. They may have been hurting her paws so I carried her up the two flights of stairs.

If you don’t have much time or are looking for a shorter hike, when the trail splits stay down to the left to arrive at the waterfall quicker and then return the same way.

Yahoo Falls (1)

I found this trail map at the trail head helpful.

Yahoo Falls (3)

Be sure to check out Yahoo Falls when visiting Big South Fork!

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