Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site – Illinois

The Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic site in Lerna, Illinois is just 8 miles south of Charleston, Illinois and about 2 hours east of St. Louis, Missouri. My friend and I stopped here after visiting Fox Ridge State Park. This 86 acre site preserves the 19th century home of Thomas and Sarah Bush Lincoln who are the father and step-mother to President Abraham Lincoln. During the 1840’s, Abe often visited the farm when his law practice brought him to Charleston.

Lincoln's Cabin (12)

^ A conestoga wagon sits outside the Visitor’s Center ^

A path leads you around the homestead. The farm is an active working farm with various animals and crops.

The most notable feature of the site is the cabin which is an accurate reproduction of the two room cabin which sits in the exact location of the original cabin. In 1935, the Civilian Conservation Corps reconstructed the cabin.

Lincoln's Cabin (25)Lincoln's Cabin (21)

Also located in the historic site is the Sargent Farm. The Sargent’s moved to Illinois in the early 1800’s. The original site of their home was in Clark County, but it was moved to the historic site to preserve it for generations to come.

Photo Sep 20, 12 53 56 PMLincoln's Cabin (26)

Overall, this was a great stop to learn about Lincoln’s family and see the historic buildings. We really enjoyed this site. This site is also dog friendly…Ellie was trying to heard the sheep into their pen through the fence =)

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  1. Gold medal: Pic No. 4 (chickens)!


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