Chatham Manor – Virginia

The beautiful Chatham Manor is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia and is part of the National Military Park. The expansive grounds and house are free to walk through. Completed in 1771, this manor was a busy plantation overlooking the Rappahannock River.

Chatham (5)

Chatham (9)

The grounds are lovely and featured various plants and flowers blooming with color.

Chatham (7)

Chatham (3)

Chatham (6)

Chatham (8)

Chatham (12)

The first floor of the house is open to the public and features several exhibits recapping the history of the Georgian manor.

Chatham (10)

Around the back of the house, there is a view of Fredericksburg and a couple old cannons.

Chatham (14)

Chatham (13)

There are several out buildings on the property and while they are not open to the public, they are neat to walk around and read the history on each building.

Chatham (11)

We also visited nearby Lee’s Hill. A steep .5 mile trail leads through the woods and to the top of the hill. From here, Lee could look out and see the battle below.

Chatham (1)

Chatham (15)

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