Sandstone Falls – West Virginia

Sandstone Falls is a beautiful area in the New River Gorge. From the Sandstone Visitor’s Center, which is just off Interstate 64, it takes about 45 minutes to reach the parking lot of the falls.

Sandstone (1)The drive to Sandstone Falls will take you along Route 20 to the small town of Hinton. Before reaching Hinton, there is two scenic overlooks giving you a view of Sandstone Falls and Brooks Island.

Sandstone (15) Sandstone (16)

After crossing over the New River at Hinton, the road will follow the river. The first roadside park you encounter is Brooks Island. Brooks Island splits the New River in two and creates a series of rapids.

Sandstone (2)


Continuing down the river, you will reach the parking area for Sandstone Falls. A boardwalk leads from the parking lot to the  small island and gives you a glimpse of the falls that you are about to see.

Sandstone (3)

Sandstone (4)A second bridge crosses a small channel.

Sandstone (6)

Sandstone (5)

A short walk leads to an overlook of the beautiful walls. Sandstone Falls is the largest waterfalls on the New River as the river drops up to 25 feet in some spots. While this may not seem like a lot, the falls are spectacular. They reach 1500 feet across!

Sandstone (7)

Sandstone (10)

Just before you reach the overlook, there is a faint trail that leads off the main boardwalk. We headed out this way to do a bit more exploring.

Sandstone (12)

Remember to be careful in this area as there are large rocks and steep drop offs that are very close to the river. The area is very beautiful. We crossed a stream and headed towards the falls.

Sandstone (8)

Sandstone (9)

The view waiting for us at the end of the island was amazing. You could feel the mist coming off the falls and feel how powerful they were.

Sandstone (11)

Sandstone (13)

Sandstone (14)

From here, we retraced our route and headed towards another great part of the New River Gorge, Grandview.

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